Program Standards

Player/Coach Conduct

To reinforce high standards of behavior for the program, BALB policy requires that all players and coaches, respectively, read and sign the BALB “Player Intent Form and Contract” and BALB “Coach Code of Ethics.”

The player contract details expectations for matters including commitment to the program, drug and alcohol use, hazing, sportsmanship, criminal activity, and practice and game attendance. The latter document covers expectations for coaches in some of the same areas, as well as in their interactions with players, umpires, the media, sponsors, and fans. In both cases, potential actions related to violation of the specified terms are also described.

Overall, coaches and players are expected in all situations – on and off the field – to behave responsibly and build a positive reputation for BALB and the Billings community.

Fan Conduct

BALB does not have an official policy for fan conduct, but fans are encouraged to comply with the national American Legion Baseball fan conduct guidelines.